Frequently asked questions

Why do many people say LED bulbs do not last as long as the makers claim ?

All lights containing LEDS will last a considerable amount of time, The life expectancy is largely dependant on the quality of the LEDS and the ability of the LED lamp to keep reasonably cool (below 60c).


What are the main advantages of LEDS compared to other light sources ? 

LEDS are more energy efficient than any CFL Bulbs, they do not flicker, and they switch to full brightness immediately.

Although CFL bulbs last longer than halogen bulbs, the life expectancy is often much less than manufacturers claims.

This is because they are tested in ideal conditions, repeated switching on and off, can greatly reduce their life.

LEDS do not suffer from this problem.

What happens if my lights stop working ? 

We intend our LED products to be repairable NOT DISPOSIBLE we give a minimum 2 year guarantee on ALL products, in many other instances we can supply replacement parts where applicable

Can I add extra strips to my mood lighting kit ?

Yes you can, but take care not to exceed the maximum number of strips advised on each kit details page, If you exceed the recommended amount of strips you will overload the power supply.

If at a later date you need to add more than the recommended amount of strips, the power supply can be replaced with one of a higher output.

What`s the difference between IR and RF Remote control ?

The IR remote control is the same as your TV remote, in order for this to work, the receiver has to be positioned more or less in sight, the remote will work as long as the controller is pointed at the wall on which the receiver is placed

these do have a limited number of signal codes, and can sometimes be effected by other remotes, and vice versa

The RF remote works with radio signals, so the receiver can be completely hidden, the remote sender will work from a much greater distance (around 30 metres) even form outside your house! They have a much more refined signal code, and are rarely effected by other remote controls.


What can I do if I lose my remote control ?

As with all parts to your kit, they are available separately, The IR Remote has a common signal , so it will match your receiver, the RF remote has a teach facility to the remote receiver, and a replacement can easily be matched to your existing receiver.

How Bright are LEDS

The brightness depends on the size of the LED and the efficiency. LEDS Typically produce around 90 lumen per watt of electricity used. but some high quality makes are very much higher, the efficiency is increasing all the time as manufacturers produce newer models.

Whats a lumen ?

A lumen is a measurement of light output, as a rough guide a conventional light bulb produces around 1000 lumens