Meet Bob

VARIO Lighting has been trading since 2010. The products we sell are either developed by us, or sourced directly from manufacturers. In both instances we have significant input in the product design, and specification.

Our MD Bob Hicks has developed numerous products, several of these have patents. He travels to the far east visiting current suppliers, sourcing and developing new products We also have independent buyer / assistant based in Southern China who coordinates Shipping quality control and samples. 

We do not sell boxes we sell products which we understand, Quality, great design and reliability are qualities which are crucial to our product selection.

Many companies purchase from trading companies in China, often without realising they are not purchasing from a manufacturer, they often ship by LCL or By Air which adds significantly to cost prices. All of our goods are consolidated and shipped in full containers, The savings we make allow us to develop the very best products and give you the very best warranty and customer service.   

Our Customer Philosophy

Treat your customers how YOU would like to be treated.

With all the best efforts things can still occasionally go wrong!  Delivery problems are usually down to couriers, but if for any reason we get it wrong, we will try our very best to resolve any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have a problem of any sort, please get in touch

Our Product Philosophy

We try to develop and sell products which work well and are simple to use. Wherever possible we sell products which can be repaired, not discarded. We also try our best to sell all parts separately, where possible.

When people used to repair things!

Many products used to be repaired, nowadays most products are discarded when things go wrong rather than repaired. Even LEDS do not last forever, Many companies claim LEDS will last for 50,000 hours but in reality it's down to the design of the product - LEDS do not like getting too hot! 

Buy a cheap product and it's likely to be a false economy!

I hope you enjoy our products  for a lot longer than many others.

Bob Hicks (Inventor)