GU10 LED Bulbs – How they could help save the environment

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A traditional 60W Incandescent lightbulb will use around 3,000 KWh of electricity over a period of 50,000 hours. The bulbs we are currently being moved towards (CFL) use around 700KWh over the same period of time. An LED bulb could use as little as 300KWh; that's as much as a tenth of the power we would have traditionally used. Think about this over the huge scale of the UK and you have some serious power savings on your hands.

Not only that, you could be saving some money too. Using the same example as above you could be making a saving of around 500% on each and every bulb you switch, which would be worth around £150, multiply that across the bulbs in your home and think about if it would be worth the switch for you.

Obviously the figures vary with usage and the rise and fall of electricity prices, but what's also worth thinking about is that the price of LED lighting has been falling fast for a number of years, and has now got to the stage where it is reasonable for most homeowners to make the switch.

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