Colour changing LED kits – what are the uses of our kits?

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Colour changing LED kits are fast becoming the next 'must have' fixture for the modern British home. Due to the recent fall in the cost of components and the prevalence of accessible LED kits, these lighting strips are being found more and more across the UK. Here are some reasons why you might want to use them:

Boating – these LED strips are a great source of light for boating as they are low power and give a lot of 'bang for their buck'. Not only that, kits like the RGB colour changers can really make your vessel stand out from the crowd with a huge selection of colours to choose from. If you get bored of one colour, just change to another and you have a brand new set of lights all over again.

Home cinema systems – if you are into your home cinema systems, you have probably spent a pretty penny on getting the system just right. Well, to make it look great too you don't have to spend too much more. For around £30 you can get yourself one of our colour changing LED kits which don't require fiddly connection to the mains. Simply plug in, and switch to the colour you desire with an easy to use RF or IR remote.

Kitchens – impactful feature lighting can be achieved in an instant with an LED kit. Simply clip the tubes to the underneath of your kitchen cabinets for a powerful kitchen which looks great at night.

We'll be back with more brilliant ways to use LED lighting to great affect around your home and elsewhere too. In the mean time, why not browse some of our products to get an idea of what might work for you?  

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